This is your world

Before any beer, wine or spirit sees the consumer’s eyes, it resides here. The distributorship serves as the center stage and chief intersection for the entire industry. The distributor wears virtually every hat imaginable, from accountant and marketer, to delivery and quality control agent. Customer service at every level is added for good measure. The distributor serves as a brand’s chief cheerleader, and ultimately a brand’s primary caretaker. Technical, logistic, legal and human resources issues abound. It’s always been a world for the brave, and competition is fierce. Yet, it’s a highly rewarding industry responsible for millions upon millions of happy consumer experiences every single day. Now it’s time to take a few steps forward to help those experiences occur in the technical, social and connected world in which business operates.

This is also your world

When your job is done properly, your brands are supported and achieve market potential. Retailer inventory issues are kept to a minimum, brands reach the consumers who want them, and your products are enjoyed by the thousands of beer lovers in your market. You support recreation and the enjoyment of life, and create a limitless number of great experiences for those who consume the products you distribute legally and responsibly.

Craft Generation works with your world, and theirs.

We designed everything we do to support beer distributors operating in their current environment with no major changes or modifications. In other words, we leave you alone to do your job while we do ours. You may have very technically competent employees. Chances are, they’re busy and sometimes overwhelmed with the tasks they already have at hand.

The CraftGeneration Platform takes the information you already use every day and transforms it into search tools consumers use to find your products. This is a dramatic leap forward, because you can promote your search tools and club opportunities at every point of purchase, on every sign and in all marketing.

We do this without a great amount of manpower provided by your distributorship. While we understand the concepts of your world, we will have questions about your particular operation and how we can best serve you during a long, successful relationship.

NO COMPLICATED SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE.  That’s all we have to say about that. We work with what you have. We ask you for information in whatever form you can reliably provide it. We take it from there. The end.

Your distributorship’s inventory system is built to service your retail accounts. From that, we create your custom online application to direct consumers to your products. You’re involved from an oversight standpoint every step of the way, and we have a feeling you’ll be thrilled with what you see.


Using our Club tools, your distributorship will build a marketing list of beer fans to whom you can release all of your major news. New craft brand? Special Event? Success Story? For perhaps the first time, you’ll open an ongoing dialog directly to the consumers who drive the future of your brands.

Oh, the 21 & up requirements, legal issues surrounding email databases, security, fair use, Can-Spam Act, opt in, privacy, terms of use, all those legalese topics? All covered. Turn key. The end. And we make it all relatively simple. Because you demand it.

When a consumer hears about one of your craft beer products, they can grab their laptop or iPad and find out exactly where to experience it. This is how their generation works, and it is now accessible to your distributorship to do business on their terms. This is the Craft Generation, and we’re uniquely prepared to tackle it with you.


Home grown I.T. applications and solutions tend never to be finished, rarely work consistently over the long term and hardly ever function well for the purpose intended. CraftGeneration was purpose built to lead craft beer consumers to your products reliably and thoroughly. Similarly, the manpower required to build, support, update and maintain development on such a suite of applications is immense. We’ve already done the homework, and are ready to be tested in your marketplace on a long term basis. And we’ll keep working to make our structure better, leading the way to a more successful distributorship now and in the future.

THE “Please No Meetings” TEST

Can CraftGeneration actually launch a fully functional distributor listing (and retailer mapping) of all of your brands, and deliver a complete online tool for email club marketing without hours and hours (and hours) of developmental meetings, brainstorming and time lost or wasted?

We’ll take that challenge. And when we win, we’d like you to buy us a beer.


We will quote a “Time to Live Date” from the minute you say “Go!” and we’ve collected the documents and graphics we need from you. There is a tremendous amount of human editing and developing which happens behind the scenes, however we have streamlined the process in a rather extraordinary (and very protected) manner. We start immediately and prefer to have production versions of your entire inventory ready to preview in less than 30 days.

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