It all begins with this guy. He, in this case, is looking for a particular beer. As his choices increase and tastes mature, it becomes more frustrating to discover, sample and buy craft beer. Every retailer, tavern and growler is a question mark.

The same concept applies to distributors devoted to supporting their wine and spirit brands. We remove the question marks and help you build relationships with consumers on a personal level. Every step of the sales cycle is supported, with the source, distributor, retailer and consumer all improving the contact they must ultimately have with one another.

CraftGeneration is the only company in the world dedicated entirely and exclusively to helping local beer, wine and spirit distributors connect directly with the consumers who ultimately determine brand success. CraftGeneration isn’t a tech firm which works on websites for 50 different types of businesses, without really understanding any one of them. All we do is deliver exceptional tools to modern distributors.

Our complete focus is telling your story using contemporary technology, and building a full suite of tools to take the burden of staying current completely off your shoulders. As a beer, wine and/or spirit distributor, you’re working in a new world where an influx of new product places exponential pressure on your distributorship to reach peak performance at every turn. Your ability to attract and service brands demands you accelerate your focus on reaching the consumer, supporting the retailer and educating the market at every point of the sales cycle.

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